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Course Requirements

You will need a PC or Laptop, stable internet connection and the software we are learning

3Ds Max 2022 and above
Knowledge of 3D Max
Corona 9

Course Description

In this comprehensive course, you will delve into the world of Corona Renderer and learn how to create stunning and realistic 3D renders for architectural visualization and beyond. Whether you're an aspiring 3D artist, an architect, an interior designer, or anyone looking to enhance their rendering skills, this course is designed to take you from beginner to proficient in using Corona Renderer. We understand that mastering a rendering engine can be challenging, but fear not! Our course is crafted with the absolute beginner in mind, ensuring that you never feel overwhelmed.

Throughout the course, you will embark on a step-by-step journey, learning everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques of Corona Renderer. You will explore the core principles of lighting, materials, and camera settings, and how to optimize your renders for maximum realism. We will guide you through the intricacies of creating interior and exterior scenes, managing complex materials, and achieving breathtaking lighting effects.

The lessons provide clear explanations, practical examples, and hands-on exercises to reinforce your understanding of Corona Renderer. You will gain invaluable insights and techniques that can be applied to a wide range of architectural visualization projects.
What sets this course apart is my commitment to your success. As a student, you will have lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit and reinforce your knowledge at any time. Additionally, you will gain exclusive access to our private student-only Discord channel, where you can connect with fellow learners, receive personalized feedback, and seek guidance from our supportive community.

At VizCourse, I believe in making quality education accessible and affordable. Join me on this transformative journey and unlock your potential as a skilled Corona Renderer artist. Enroll today and take your architectural visualizations to new heights!

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of the tools and techniques available to you as a Corona user, you will understand how to create your own materials, how to light up your scene using the Corona Sun and Sky or the HDRI method and will be able to create visually stunning 3D renders that will set your work apart from the rest

ü Corona Settings
ü Corona Camera
ü Corona Lights
ü Corona Sun and Sky
ü HDRI Maps
ü Corona Materials
ü Corona Complex Materials
ü Render Elements
ü Corona Proxy
ü Corona Chaos Scatter
ü Daylight System for Lighting
ü Corona Decal
ü Corona Render Settings

Course Curriculum

1 Corona Settings Part 1
17 Min

In this lesson, we will dive into the world of Corona rendering. You will learn how to assign the Corona rendering engine, explore the toolbar options specific to Corona, and delve into the render settings. We will also take a closer look at the Visual Frame Buffer, understanding its features and exploring the concept of progressive limits in Corona rendering.

2 Corona Settings Part 2
23 Min

In the second lesson, we will delve deeper into advanced rendering techniques with Corona. You will discover how to effectively use the "Save and Resume Rendering" button, learn the importance and utility of saving CXR files, and explore rendering overrides and material overrides. We will also explore the render select method and gain a comprehensive understanding of the Visual Frame Buffer buttons and their functionalities.

3 Corona Settings Part 3
16 Min

In this lesson, we will focus on optimizing your renders and utilizing interactive rendering features in Corona. You will learn how to effectively use the CXR files for render adjustments and explore region rendering techniques. We will also dive into the interactive rendering settings and discover how to make real-time adjustments directly in the viewport. Additionally, we will explore the Visual Frame Buffer history and its role in testing renders. Finally, we will delve into the concept of denoising and its application in Corona renders.

4 Basic Corona Camera
21 Min

In this lesson, we will explore the fundamentals of camera placement in Corona. You will learn how to accurately position a camera, as well as create a camera from the perspective view. We will discuss the importance of output size and delve into the Show Safe Frame mode to ensure optimal framing for your renders. Additionally, we will showcase examples of different output sizes and demonstrate how they can impact the final result.

5 Corona Sun
25 Min

In this lesson, we will focus on lighting techniques in Corona. You will discover how to add the sun using both the toolbar and menu options, as well as incorporate the Corona Sky environment for realistic lighting setups. We will explore how to straighten the camera with a target using the align tool, and dive into the environment tab to fine-tune lighting parameters. We will also discuss the basics of render settings, including the EVO value. Additionally, we will examine the impact of sun height and the horizon on shadow formation, and showcase how the size of the sun affects shadow quality and appearance. We will also explain the concept of Material (Mtl) Override with the Exclude list, providing you with advanced control over specific materials in your scene.

6 Corona HDRI
32 Min

In this lesson, we will delve into the world of HDRI maps in Corona. You will learn how to create a Corona Bitmap and add an HDRI map to your scene. We will explore techniques for rotating the HDRI map, highlighting its versatility as an instance in the scene. Additionally, we will discuss the usage of multiple maps and demonstrate how to effectively use overrides to achieve desired lighting effects. Lastly, we will focus on the usage of single HDRI maps and explore their impact on the overall lighting and atmosphere of your renders.

7 Artificial Lights
28 Min

In this exciting lesson, we will delve into the world of different light sources available in Corona Renderer. You will discover the versatility of lights such as the Sphere, Rectangle, Cylinder, and Disk lights, and learn how to manipulate and customize them to achieve your desired lighting effects. We will explore the various parameters associated with each light source, allowing you to fine-tune your lighting setups and bring your scenes to life. By the end of this lesson, you will have a solid understanding of these light sources and the ability to create stunning and realistic lighting in your 3D renders.

8 Hierarchy of Lights
12 Min

Take your lighting skills to the next level in this comprehensive lesson on lighting techniques and hierarchy. We will explore the fundamental concepts of light hierarchy, including primary, secondary, and accent lights, and their crucial roles in creating visually appealing renders. You will learn advanced techniques for placing, adjusting, and manipulating lights to achieve the desired mood, focus, and atmosphere in your scenes. Additionally, we will dive into the intricacies of artificial lighting and explore the parameters that can be utilized to fine-tune your lighting setups. By mastering these techniques and understanding the importance of light hierarchy, you will have the tools to create professional-grade renders that captivate and engage your audience.

9 Camera DOF + Motion Blur
16 Min

In this lesson, we dive into the world of Corona camera settings. Explore the concepts of field of view, focal length, depth of field, and motion blur. Understand how these settings impact your 3D renders and learn how to achieve the desired visual effects. Master the art of camera control in Corona and take your architectural visualization to new heights

10 Bokeh Effect + Tilt + Shift + Override Tone Mapping
13 Min

Discover the enchanting world of bokeh effects, delve into the art of tilt and shift techniques, and unlock the power of individual tone mapping control for each camera. Take your renders to new heights as you explore the fascinating possibilities of Corona camera mastery

11 360 Degree Renders
12 Min

Learn how to create immersive and interactive experiences by capturing your scenes from every angle. Explore the intricacies of camera settings and techniques to produce stunning 360-degree renders that bring your designs to life. Dive into the world of virtual reality and unleash your creativity with Corona camera's ability to capture the full scope of your architectural visualization projects.

12 Introduction to Slate Material Editor
20 Min

In this lesson, we will dive into the powerful Slate material editor in 3D Max. The Slate material editor offers a node-based approach to creating and editing materials, providing you with a more flexible and intuitive workflow.

13 Basic Materials - Plastic, Glass, Metal
14 Min

In this exciting lesson, we will dive into the world of material creation as we explore the art of crafting plastic, glass, frosted glass, and basic metals

14 Wood Material
12 Min

Master the art of creating realistic wood materials and harness the power of bump maps to add depth and detail

15 Brick and Stone Materials
11 Min

Master the art of creating lifelike bricks and stones using displacement maps. Explore the power of adding depth and texture to your 3D models, bringing a new level of realism to your architectural visualizations

16 Fabric, Curtains and Wax
14 Min

Master the art of fabric materials in this lesson. Learn how to create realistic textures using Sheen parameters and achieve stunning translucency for materials like curtains. Dive into the world of Subsurface Scattering and discover how to create a waxy look.

17 Corona Light Material
6 Min

In this lesson, we explore the Corona Light Material and its various properties, learning how to adjust light intensity, color, distribution, and shape to achieve desired lighting effects

18 Adding Detail to Materials
13 Min

In this lesson, we will explore the fascinating world of adding intricate detail to materials using bump maps and normal maps. Dive into the art of creating depth and texture with these powerful techniques.

19 Adding Detail to Glass
2 Min

In this exciting lesson, we'll unlock the secrets to adding realistic glass detailing and subtle imperfections to your architectural renders. Enhance the authenticity of your glass surfaces by incorporating small imperfections that elevate the overall visual appeal

20 Corona Displacement Modifier
5 Min

In this lesson, we explore the Corona Displacement modifier and the advantages it comes with

21 Material Library and Corona Color Picker
13 Min

Discover the hidden treasure trove of materials within the built-in material library of Corona Renderer. In this lesson, you'll learn how to harness the power of the extensive library to quickly and efficiently apply various materials to your 3D scenes

22 Corona Layered and Mix Materials
16 Min

Discover the art of material layering with Corona Layered and Mix Materials in this lesson. Elevate your 3D renders with intricate textures and create captivating visualizations. Unleash the potential of advanced material manipulation and transform your scenes.

23 Caustics in Water
10 Min

Delve into the fascinating realm of creating caustics within a swimming pool environment. Discover how to masterfully capture and reproduce the intricate interplay of light and water, bringing a heightened level of realism and allure to your architectural renderings.

24 Corona UVW Randomizer
11 Min

Unlock the power of randomness in your architectural visualizations with the Corona UVW Randomizer. Learn to infuse variety and realism into textures

25 Corona Multimap
10 Min

In this lesson, we'll dive into the versatile world of the Corona MultiMap. This powerful tool allows you to blend and mix multiple textures seamlessly, giving your materials a new level of complexity and realism

26 Corona AO + Corona Round Edges
11 Min

In this lesson, delve into the Corona AO Map and Round Edges. Unleash the power of shading control through AO Map and achieve lifelike surfaces using Round Edges

27 Corona RaySwitch Material + Corona Slice Material
10 Min

In this lesson, dive into the world of advanced materials with Corona Rayswitch and Slice Material. Learn to harness the power of these tools to create intricate and dynamic effects in your architectural visualizations

28 Corona Distance Map
14 Min

In this lesson, unlock the potential of the Corona Distance Map. Discover how to manipulate object surfaces based on their proximity, adding depth and complexity to your architectural renders

29 Corona Scatter
20 Min

In this lesson, we will explore the scatter tool that comes with Corona. Discover how to effortlessly distribute objects on any surface, whether it's 2D or 3D, and easily add randomization to the scattered elements

30 Corona Proxy + Corona Converter
9 Min

In this lesson we will learn all about the Corona Proxy, what it is and how to use it in our scene to lessen the strain of high poly models. We will also cover the Corona Converter to help us convert non-Corona materials into Corona Physical Materials

31 Cosmos Browser
10 Min

Chaos Cosmos is an online asset library that includes high-quality 3D content. It allows you to browse, place, and render 3D assets in your projects. In this lesson we will learn how to utilize these pre-made assets in our projects

32 Corona Decals
12 Min

In this lesson we will learn all about the Corona Decal tool which is an incredible tool that allows us to “paint” onto our objects creating incredible realistic effects with very little effort

33 Volumetric Lighting – God Rays
14 Min

In this lesson, we'll explore Volumetric Lighting—a key technique for adding depth and realism to your 3D scenes. You'll learn how to use it effectively, with a focus on practical tips and hands-on practice. By the end, you'll be equipped to use Volumetric Lighting to enhance your renders and create stunning visual effects

34 Visual Frame Buffer
22 Min

In this lesson, we will dive deep into the Visual Frame Buffer, an essential component of your rendering toolkit. Discover how this powerful tool empowers you to fine-tune and enhance your rendered images, allowing for precise control and post-processing adjustments. Learn the ins and outs of Visual Frame Buffer parameters and unleash its potential to elevate your rendering projects to new heights

35 LightMix
13 Min

In this lesson, we'll unlock the potential of Lightmix, a powerful tool that grants you full control over your scene's lighting even after rendering is complete. Explore its parameters and learn how to harness the magic of Lightmix to elevate your 3D rendering skills

36 Daylight System
3 Min

In this lesson I will show you a great trick of how to get 100% accurate lighting according to the exact day, month, year and even time of any location on earth

37 Interior Lighting
20 Min

In this lesson, you'll gain insights into my process for creating a complete interior scene, focusing on lighting. We'll dive into practical techniques using Corona Sun and HDRI, explore tonemapping, master Lightmix functions, and I'll reveal my methods for controlling the background of 3D renders.

38 Exterior Lighting
23 Min

In this lesson, you'll gain valuable insights into my process for crafting comprehensive exterior scenes, emphasizing the art of lighting. We'll explore practical techniques using Corona Sun and HDRI to infuse your outdoor environments with natural radiance. Additionally, we'll delve into the nuances of tonemapping, master the Lightmix functions for precise control over outdoor light sources, and uncover strategies for managing the background of your 3D renders

39 Scene State and Batch Render
20 Min

In this lesson, we'll explore the powerful concept of Scene States in 3ds Max. You'll gain valuable insights into how to effectively manage and utilize Scene States to streamline your 3D projects. We'll delve into practical techniques for creating, organizing, and utilizing Scene States to efficiently handle various design iterations and complex scenes. We will also learn how to use the Batch Render function

40 Render Elements
9 Min

In this lesson, we will explore the world of Render Elements, also known as pre-passes. We'll delve into the most commonly used Render Elements and their specific purposes, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage them effectively.

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Claudio De Marco

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As a 3D artist with over 16 years of experience and 14 years running my own successful 3D Studio, I have found a true passion for teaching and mentoring others in the field. Self-taught and understanding the struggles of teaching oneself, I have created my course VizCourse to provide the fastest and best way for kickstarting a career in Architecture Visualization. With 4+ years of tutoring experience and having taught over 50 students worldwide, I am proficient in using 3D Max, Vray, Corona, and Photoshop. My expertise is guiding beginners new to 3D Max, taking them step-by-step through the process until they are confident in producing their own 3D renders. I am incredibly proud of the course I've created and would be honored to be your mentor and guide on your 3D journey, helping to enhance your career.

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